Friday, February 22, 2013

Brinware Tempered Glass Dishes

I first came across Brinware about a year ago, while searching for plastic free options for toddler dishes.  They are made of tempered glass with adorable designs etched into the back of  them, and are covered by a brightly colored removable silicone sleeve that helps protect against breakage. 

Admittedly, I didn't really start reaching for them until my daughter was about 2.5, when her appetite called for larger plates.  Until then we were just using the 6 inch ceramic plates that came with our set.  However, my daughter has never tossed a single plate, even at an early age, so if that had been a problem I definitely would've reached for these sooner. 

They are extremely durable, and I love the fact that the silicone can go in the microwave, so there is no need to microwave children's food on plastic.  After heavier use recently, I have not noticed any wear, even to the etched design.  While I love the fact that both the glass and the silicone can go in the dishwasher, it is worth mentioning that I separate them to do so, and water inevitably gets trapped under the silicone rim.  I end up drying it when I take it out, and storing the dish and silicone separately so no remaining water gets trapped in there.  Not a very big deal, but worth mentioning. 

Overall I think Brinware plates are a fantastic option for those seeking plastic free dishes for children.  They are even large enough (7.5 inches) to continue to use with older children, with or without the silicone sleeve - a very worthy investment.  They also have matching placemats with cute alphabet designs on them.

If you are interested, you can always keep your eyes peeled on sites like  That is where I found mine for half off!

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  1. I adore these. What a fantastic product. Thanks for the "review."


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