Monday, February 18, 2013

LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls

I was introduced to dryer balls when I started cloth diapering.  They reduce drying time substantially, they fluff and soften laundry without the use of fabric softener, and they help keep clothing wrinkle free.  This saves time, energy and money.  I didn't like the idea of putting plastic ones in a hot dryer with my clothing, and that's when I discovered wool dryer balls.  Since hearing about them, I have tried 5 different brands.  Two of those brands I still use in circulation, but I have finally found a favorite.  LooHoo Dryer Balls are BY FAR the heaviest of any brand I've ever owned, and this is helpful because it makes them easier to find when unloading laundry.  I also feel like the extra weight helps them bounce around more to do a better job.  A few brands I owned were so light that if they got stuck in a sleeve I didn't think they were doing much of anything.  Even if these find their way into something, which is far less often than other brands, the weight of them still keeps things moving. 

How many dryer balls do you need?  Starting out with 3-4 is fine, but if you generally do large loads of laundry I would say 5-8.  As for the longevity, I've only had my LooHoo dryer balls for 6 months but they still look pretty much new, whereas I've had a few brands that started coming apart by then.  I anticipate having them for a long time.  If you go to their facebook page, they are offering a 20% off good until 2/22/13

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