Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweater Ball by Handmade Pretties

One of the toys that has been around the longest and has seen the most use in this house is our sweater ball by Handmade Pretties on Etsy.  We got it when our daughter was 10 months old, and now that she's a little over 2.5, it still sees regular use.  We got the 12" size made of upcycled sweaters, but there are all sorts of sizes now, available in fleece as well, and they can even be personalized.  Some are stuffed with wool and some are stuffed with fiberfill.  It is squishy and soft, but reshapes back into a ball easily.  After close to 2 years of use it still holds its shape.  It is great for teaching children how to catch a ball because its so squeezable it makes it easier to grab, and its light enough for them to throw.  We roll it, bounce it, bowl with it, and she even sits or lays on it.  When children of all ages come over it is often played with, and out of all the toys we have, it is the first I'm recommending because I think it is so versatile!  We love our sweater ball, and I know you will too!

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