Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Pack and Ice Cubes Review

When I was putting together my post on Eco Friendly Lunch Products, I was searching for plastic free ice packs.  I am pleased to report that I finally found some, and they are AMAZING!

I discovered a stainless steel manufacturer, Onyx, that makes a number of fantastic products.  Many of which I will be reviewing in the future, because Carolyn so generously sent me many of their fabulous items to sample.  Two of those things were their ice pack, and the 6 pack of ice cubes.  The ice cube tray is pictured on the left, and the ice pack is on the right.  These things and more are all available for sale at The Tickle Trunk.

I have been using the ice pack in my daughter's lunch for a week now.  It is approximately the size of an iPhone, and super sleek.  It is very easy to fit into a lunch bag, and it is filled with distilled water.  No toxic substances here!  This tiny pack has exceeded my expectations.  I didn't think something so small would stay cold for very long, but I put it in the lunch bag at 8am, and when I take it out at around 4pm it is still slightly cold, so I know it's doing its job until lunch time.  I love, love, love it!  It slips in so neatly between items, and it's design lends itself to having direct contact with whatever container you are trying to chill.  You can even sandwich it between two containers (like some of their awesome airtight stainless steel ones - more on those later) and keep both of them cold.

Then there were the ice cubes.  These are some of the coolest things I've ever seen!  Straight out of the box they were almost sexy.  So sleek and even beautiful, and I love the little stainless steel storage tray.  Like the ice pack, they are filled with distilled water and are dishwasher safe!  I put a butter knife in the photos to show the scale.  These are such a fantastic concept for so many reasons.  I personally hate diluted beverages.  That is obviously not an issue with these, and 3-4 cubes will nicely chill a drink that starts at room temperature.  I love white wine but can't stand when it gets warm.  Now I have something I can add to keep my glass chilled without diluting it.  And while I've yet to try it, as Carolyn pointed out to me, these cubes can be used in lunches as well, because they can be submerged directly in whatever it is that you would like to keep cold.  Put a cube in a cup of yogurt or applesauce, and pop it in the dishwasher when the day is done.  They can also be used to cool something down quickly like a bowl of oatmeal, or soup for a toddler that's too hot.  I see no seams on these cubes and foresee them lasting forever, so they are definitely a very worthy investment!  You can purchase the cubes individually, and there is also an 8 pack in a plastic tray with a pair of tongs available.

I am very excited about the Onyx product line and look forward to reviewing more of them in the future.  They are all very high quality, and seem exceptionally durable to last a lifetime.

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