Monday, November 18, 2013

The Etsy Holiday Guide for Women's Gifts



I am so, so in love with these bags!  All the designs are drawn and cut by hand in Tennessee, and each individual purse is a unique thing of beauty.  The wood for the buttons is taken from fallen branches, and the appliques are made of ultra suede so vegans can rejoice!  LB Artworks also makes adorable matching wallets, card holders and key chains. 


My Oly Girl
These skirts are made from upcycled sweaters.  Each is handmade in Washington, and My Oly Girl also makes embellished pullover sweaters, summer skirts and funky petticoats slips.  In addition, you can find her Christmas stockings made from similar upcycled sweaters featured in the Holiday Guide.


These quilted tote bags from Michigan are all made from thrift store t-shirts!  At least two shirts are repurposed for each bag, and they come in a variety of sizes and fun designs.


Treat someone you love to one of these stunning hand dyed infinite scarves.  Made from USA sourced cotton jersey, these scarves are all dyed and assembled in Northern Ontario, Canada. 
You can find many more items from Beneath the Rowan Tree featured in the Toy Guide
as well as the DIY and Crafters Guide.


Made from upcycled felted wool, the mittens are lined with cashmere, and with the exception of the floss, all materials used are recycled.  These gorgeous creations are all made with
optimal warmth in mind in Missouri.


NOTE: These ship from Istanbul, Turkey so there may not be enough time for them to clear customs before the holidays for my US readers, but they were too spectacular not to showcase!  There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, and while some are made with a combination of acrylic and wool, others are 100% wool.  Such an incredible selection!

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