Monday, August 19, 2013

Wild Coconut Wear GIVEAWAY and Review!

I cannot say enough good things about Wild Coconut Wear wool.  I dabble in sewing, and I am just in awe of Angela's pieced, appliqued and embroidered designs, and how impeccably made each and every one of them is!  Even the simple, solid-colored pieces are so well done in vibrant colors or beautiful earth tones.  I had such a difficult time choosing pieces of hers to showcase for this post.  There are just so, so many unbelievable pieces.  I strongly recommend going to the Wild Coconut Wear facebook page and browsing through the photo albums

The wool is soft and stretchy, and so long lasting!  My daughter grew very fast and was able to wear a large cover right around her first birthday.  I use the covers all year long, even wearing them under things in the winter.  We still have every single cover and over two years later, there isn't a stitch out of place.  They will easily last for another child, if not several! 

There is a reason why Wild Coconut Wear pieces are in such demand and highly sought after!  And if you're new to wool and aren't convinced enough, you can read all about everything you need to know in my Guide to Diapering with Wool.  Want to give it a try?  You're in luck!

Angela has been kind enough to offer up one Wild Coconut Wear cover in a size MEDIUM, in ROBIN'S EGG BLUE, seen below (click link for measurements).


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