Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be Kind Silisippers

Picardie Silisipper 7.4 oz
Read my review on the complete Be Kind tempered glass line here.

Now that we are trying to transition my daughter from sippy cups to glasses, and I am admittedly type A when it comes to messes and keeping things tidy, I got tired of worrying about soiled clothing and big spills on the carpet.  That's when I found the Silisipper by Be Kind.  The lid is made of (top rack) dishwasher safe silicone, and the stackable tempered glass is microwave and dishwasher safe.  Admittedly, we just use ours for milk and water, but it has taken a lot of pressure off of monitoring my daughter while trying to teach her to use a glass.  Does she still like to tip it and sprinkle some of the contents out to paint with milk on the table?  Of course she does!  But the mess is now far more contained and easy to deal with, especially if it tips over (the lid stays put quite nicely). 

We got these just a little after her second birthday and she was using them like a pro right off the bat.  I opted for the "Picardie," because I liked the way it was designed and thought my daughter would be able to grip it more easily.  I was right - the first time she used it she was grasping the glass one-handed, chugging away!  At 7.4 oz, it is sized just right to fit in her little hand, yet still holds enough to drink along with her meal. 

Gigogne Silisipper 7.75 oz
Be Kind Silisippers are available with four different color silicone lids, in bright festive colors of Carolina Sky (blue), Grass is Green, Sunny Day Yellow, and Rosie Red.  These glasses are available at Stork Organic Baby Boutique, that has a fantastic selection of glass, stainless and nontoxic food and drink storage/serving options, as well as other natural childcare items.


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