Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Be Kind: Awesome, Virtually Unbreakable Tempered Glass for Children

As a follow up to my review of the Be Kind Silisippers, that we've been using (and loving!) for about a year now, Be Kind was very generous and sent me some of their large 9 inch plates and their 8.5 oz graduate picardie glasses.  The plates are amply sized and an excellent transition for those growing appetites of older children.  Here is a photo of dinner for my just turned 3 year old, and I used a steak knife to show the scale of the plate.  I love that I have plenty of space to cut up her food on it, and she has plenty of room to eat without knocking things off the plate.  My daughter still mostly uses the 7.4oz Silisipper glass, the only plastic free training cup that I've found so far, but has no problem drinking from the graduate glass and will no doubt be using it regularly very soon.  As you can see in the comparison shot, the graduate glass (without the sipper lid) is slightly taller and wider, but still easy to grasp.

But the real selling point of these wonderful dishes, bowls and glasses (besides the fact that the Silisipper is GENIUS and AWESOME!) are that they are nearly unbreakable.  The glass is manufactured in France, and the silicone Silisipper lids are made in China.  I love the fact that they have created a line of stackable, non-toxic, glass dishware for children that are easy to take care of and are difficult to shatter.  For those who think they can't survive without plastic plates because they fear the glass ones will be tossed, but worry about microwaving on plastic...look no further!  These are made of tempered glass, 2.5x stronger than regular glass.  Don't believe me that they won't break?  Then here is an adorable demo video the people of Be Kind have put together.


Interested in getting some?  It just so happens that the Be Kind Kid Shop is in the middle of their summer sale!  Until August 8th, you can get 50% off the Silisippers and Training Tops, and
the Perfect Place Settings that include a Silisipper, Dish and Bowl in small or large sizes are marked down from $16.95 each to $10 for the small size and $12 for the large place setting!

Be Kind has truly thought of everything and even packages their products in a conscientious manner.  The glasses are shipped in trays made from 100% recycled fibers, and the packaging for the Training Tops is made of biodegradable cellophane.  I always get excited when a product arrives in packaging like that!  These are an excellent investment and will not disappoint!

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