Sunday, February 17, 2013

Glass Lock Containers

Many years ago when I began my journey seeking a more sustainable lifestyle, I knew I wanted to give up ziploc bags, so I started using plastic lock 'n lock containers.  Since then, I discovered all kinds of information about chemicals in plastic, and never trusted "BPA free" items.  Recent findings are showing that the replacement chemical, BPS, is "equally potent in estrogen mimicking."  Now they are available in glass, and I have been slowly converting my collection to the glass ones.  Glass or plastic, these containers are phenomenal.  I can keep a cut pepper fresh for weeks!  When I bring my salad greens home, I rip them into bite-size pieces and run them through the salad spinner, and they too will stay fresh for weeks in these containers.  I still use a plastic one for my greens, because I haven't found a glass one large enough, but any hot soups, warm leftovers, etc... always go in a glass container to avoid leaching.  The only problematic items I've found are broccoli and goat cheese.  Both need to breath and in just a day fresh, perfectly good broccoli will emit an overwhelming scent of dirty diapers if left sealed in one of these containers. 

The easiest and cheapest place to find these are at your local Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross or HomeGoods.  There are several brands on the market now, and as long as they have the silicone seal, they all keep food fresh for far longer than I ever experienced with any ziploc bag.

For those looking for a completely plastic free option, Life Without Plastic, a Canadian based online retailer, offers glass storage containers with stainless lids that still have the silicone seal.

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