Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reusable Shopping Bags

Over the years, many have inquired about my shopping bags. A few years back, it came to light that many shopping bags sold at larger retailers contained lead. Other studies show dangerous bacteria build up in stiff, unwashable bags. These are sturdy, soft, made of natural, sustainable and pesticide free materials, and have held up fantastically with weekly use for at least 6 or so years now. They are very easily washable to avoid bacteria build-up, and have stood up to repeated washing as well, although I do wash them on delicate and hang them dry. Hands down a worthy investment. They hold A LOT of food and can handle a shocking amount of weight. I have 8 of the TerraSacks from Green-Kits, and 2 Canvas Totes from ECOBAGS brand, which are wonderful for holding the many large glass bottles I often stock up on during a grocery run.  Ecobags has a phenomal selection of all types of eco-friendly bags, including the produce and bread bags below.

TerraSack Organic
ECOBAGS Brand Canvas Recycled Cotton Tote

These bags have seen just as much use as my shopping bags, and have been washed much more often (again - always hung dry). At 12" x 15" the mesh produce bags are nice and large and stretchy, and hold a lot of produce. I can fit two medium sized bundles of kale in one bag. It always pains me seeing people wrap up organic bananas in plastic bags. If you prefer to bag everything, I highly recommend these. 

I also love having cotton sacks to put my bulk items like grains and nuts in, as well as bagels and fresh bread. These can be easily made if you are handy at sewing, but if you're in the market for some, has a great selection of all sorts of produce and drawstring bags!


For those who sew, there is a free tutorial offered at Sew, Mama, Sew! for a produce bag

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