Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LuLu's Nest Felt Hair Clips

I had a really hard time finding something to hold my daughter's hair back that wasn't a giant bow, or an oversized barrette that took up half her head.  I'm not a fan of super girly things, so I wanted to find something unique for my daughter.  That's when I found LuLu's Nest on Etsy.  At 1.25 inches long, the small clip was sized just right for my daughter when she was tiny and had very fine hair.  The small clip doesn't hold a lot of hair, but my daughter's hair was so fine that it worked perfectly.  Now that she's 2.5 and she's bigger (she's larger than many 3 year olds we know) and her hair is thicker, the larger 2 inch size works great. 

Here are a couple of samples of her work, as well as an action shot of my daughter wearing one of the small ones at 20 months.  These clips are unique and adorable, and I can't tell you how many inquiries/compliments we get about them!  They are made of wool felt, with numerous designs and colors to choose from.  They would make an excellent gift as well!

These are very well made and lasted for months of use.  You can find them through the links on the photos above, or at LuLu's Nest on Etsy, and her facebook page.

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