Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fussybutt Moonbows Cloth Pads Review

I admit, when I was first researching cloth diapers for my daughter before I was even pregnant, I came across mama cloth and was a little put off by it.  However, once I started cloth diapering, I knew I wanted to make the switch and I didn't even think twice about it again.  I searched and searched for the brand that I thought would suit me best.  I did not like the idea of synthetic PUL or fleece backing, and that's when I found Fussybutt Moonbows - mama cloth topped with soft velour (bamboo or organic cotton), with an absorbent bamboo core and backed with breathable wool.  As soon as they arrived, I knew I'd made the right choice. 

*Note: If you are squeamish about talk of periods, you may not want to read any further! ;)

The only thing bad I have to say about my moonbows is that I am so upset I didn't have them from day one of getting my period many years ago!  All these years with uncomfortable, crunchy, plastic pads filled with toxic chemicals!  Ugh!  The wool backing (wool is naturally water repellent if you're wondering) helps to keep them from shifting/bunching, and I actually think they bunch far less than any disposable pad.  They are available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and styles, with custom fabric options to accommodate different flows.  I happen to have a very, very heavy flow, often going through a super plus tampon and a full size pad in a matter of hours.  Even so, my moonbows always hold up.  I have never had a leak - EVER.  The x-large size even stands up to my heaviest of overnights. 

For those new to the mama cloth game, you may wonder how to deal with the inevitable....  Personally, I run it under cold water in the sink while I'm using the toilet.  Then I wring it out under running water repeatedly until it runs clear, which takes but a minute.  The velour enables them to rinse so clean, most of mine don't even have any stains after nearly two years of use!  Then I drape them over the edge of my laundry basket so they don't get buried wet, but they go in with the regular laundry.  That's it!  Easy peasy!  [*Note - I use Ecover Fabric Softener occasionally to keep them velvety soft.  While it is recommended to avoid fabric softeners because they can cause repelling, it is a well known secret in the cloth diapering world that Ecover can be safely used without causing any issues, and I have had none so far.]  Some may choose to wash theirs separately, but I think it's really no different than washing underwear that may have been stained with an accidental leak - the moonbows probably rinse even cleaner.  And for traveling, I have a small, washable, waterproof bag I take with me in my purse to put soiled pads. 

I cannot say enough good things about Fussybutt Moonbows.  I'm so, so, so glad I chose them!  I just can't imagine there are much better pads out there!  They are so unbelievably comfortable and absorbent, not to mention beautifully crafted.  After nearly two years of use, not a thread out of place, and barely a stain.  Christy is a work at home mom who makes superior products!  Not only does she make amazing cloth pads, but she also makes diapers, wipes, breast pads, underwear and more.  For the most customizable options and sizes, they can be purchased directly from her site at  They are also available at in a standard variety of four shapes and sizes at, and

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