Friday, March 8, 2013

My FAVORITE Nursing (or non-nursing/anytime) Bra!

Majamas makes MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE NURSING BRA!  I cannot stress enough how many bras I went through to find it, and how excited I was after two years of searching to have done so! OK, so the styling is not suitable for every outfit, and some may want some sexier options, but every mom is bound to have those around the house moments (as a stay at home mom I have lots of them!), and there is just nothing that compares to this bra for comfort AND support!  I am a larger woman in more ways than one, so finding something that was not restrictive and uncomfortable but also provided enough support has not been an easy task. 

I tried the Majamas Organic Buxom Bra, as well as the Organic Easy Bra, and since those don't have the extra layer for the lining, they stretched out quickly and lacked support. Bravado Designs Silk Seamless Nursing Bra was my favorite prior to finding this, but I was always bothered by the feeling of synthetics - especially in the summer. But the Majamas Organic Addy Bra has it all! Eco friendly materials, comfort, comfort (did I mention comfort?) AND support!  That extra layer of lining is very helpful to give it more support, and the seam down the front helps eliminate "uniboob." 

The only thing worth noting is that the removeable pads are difficult to put in place, and move or come out in the wash. Instead of stuffing them in the compartment between the lining and the outside of the bra, when I'm heading out I just stick them against my skin between my breast and the lining. Again, I cannot express what a hallelujah moment it was when I found this bra, and I would be shocked if I heard someone didn't like it. One other thing worth mentioning is that I felt that my previous Buxom Bra lost some of its support because I was pulling the bra down and my breasts up and over the top of the cups, as it is designed to do. In order to preserve my precious Addy Bra's support, I simply pull the elastic band up from the bottom up over my breast to nurse. However, this bra does seem much sturdier, so I'm unsure if the same thing would happen. I do it just in case, because I will be wearing these long after I finish nursing!  Oh and all Majamas products are MADE IN THE USA.  They also have a nice selection of organic nursing tops and dresses.  It is sold few places, but Majamas Boutique and carries them, as well as some of their other products.  It comes in black, white and a very light pink.

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  1. Just wondering about how you did sizing for this. Pre-pregnancy I was a 34D/DD and in my 22nd week I am already getting VERY big!! :-( I can't even imagine what it will be like once it comes time to breastfeeding so I am not sure what size I should be looking for right now. The website doesn't seem to be of much help. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!!


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