Monday, March 11, 2013

KangarooCare Teething Necklaces and Toys

You don't even have to have a child to enjoy these necklaces!  They are gorgeous!

About a year ago I found these teething necklaces, children's necklaces and teething toys on Etsy.  She makes all kinds of colors and styles, for children as well as women.  I actually got the larger size for my daughter, but I steal it and wear it too because I love it!  She was just getting into dressing up at a year and a half or so, and I wanted to get something large enough to slip over her head, and if she put it into her mouth to teeth on it was non-toxic.  She just wore it out yesterday, and we both still adore it.  We also got a teething bracelet and it's perfectly sized for my daughter to wear.  KangarooCare products are unique and beautiful, handmade and free of synthetics!  Here is a not so great photo of the first time my daughter wore her necklace (we've since shortened it a bit). 
[The play silk wings are from Beneath the Rowan Tree on Etsy.]

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