Friday, January 1, 2016

Snug Organics Sleeper Review

When I set out to do a review of this Snug Organics sleeper, I thought I was just going to be writing about a warm and cozy sleeper that was free of harmful chemicals. I had no idea that this single creation was going to bring me numerous blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep! For the past 2 years that my daughter has been in her own room, she has never stayed there until morning more than 2 nights in a row. Those nights would be incredibly sporadic, and the glorious times when she might do it twice in a row were even fewer and farther between. That is, UNTIL we received this sleeper...this bundle of soft, organic warmth and goodness.

Initially I thought it was merely a coincidence, until she started doing it every...single...time she wore the sleeper to bed, and the very next night if she was not in the sleeper, she would wake up and come into our room. So then I really put it to the test. She wore it 5 nights in a row! And every night, she slept in her bed until we woke her up in the morning. I thought, "Surely she must be going through a new phase in her life and maybe the night waking is over." until I put her in her warmest cotton PJ's the next night, and she was up again. Not once has she gotten up in the night while wearing the sleeper.

Why could this be happening? My only conclusion is that this sleeper is so warm, so snuggly and so incredibly comfy that she stays cozy and blissfully asleep all night long. She has a tendency to kick her covers off while she sleeps, so I usually go in and cover her back up before we head to bed. She typically wakes up about an hour or two before our alarm goes off, so by then she's probably cold from having no covers on all night.

All of this was such an unexpected bonus to what already was an incredible product. Snug Organics is based out of Denver, Colorado, and all of their products are made in the USA - cut and sewn by a women's collaborative. Made of soft, organic cotton fleece, they are free of flame retardants and great for the environment.

Why cotton fleece? "The Invisible Nightmare in Your Fleece" discusses the dangers of synthetic fibers making their way to our waterways, after a 2012 study estimated that laundry water was sending 2 billion microfibers per second into Europe's waters.
"Of course, wool and cotton clothing sheds fibers, too. But those materials biodegrade. Plastics contain potentially harmful additives and can absorb toxins, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's), that they encounter floating in waterways - and then get ingested by small organism, crustceans, and fish. These particles can accumulate in the animals' guts and tissues, potentially weakening immunity or disrupting their endocrine systems. Less is known about how that payload may accumulate up the foodchain." 
We've been using the sleeper for months now, and while I do air dry it, it has remained soft and durable. It has held up through many washes and still looks like new. I'm sure after one season of wear, it could easily be passed along to another child, and probably another after that! They are extremely well made and as I noted above, very warm and comfy. My daughter has been making me hurry it through the wash so she can wear it again. My very tall, 5 year old daughter is wearing a size 6, which is the size of most of her other clothing. Hopefully you will all appreciate how amusing this photo is. I could not get her to loosen up! And the sleeve are cuffed only because she was being fussy about it, they would've been fine unrolled and she wears them unrolled all the time now.

So if you're looking for something to keep your kids extra warm this winter, without chemicals and made of natural materials - look no further. Snug Organics has sleeper sizes all the way up to a size 8! They also sell sherpa overalls and top and bottoms sets in smaller sizes.

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