Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Handmade Easter Basket Gift Ideas

As an avid gardener, I am always thrilled to welcome spring! In our household, we tend to focus our Easter celebration on the joys of the season that lie ahead. Farms awaken and buzz with activity to prepare for the upcoming growing season, birds build their nests to nurture new life, and slowly the snow melts away to expose flower bulbs pushing up through the newly warmed soil. By February, I am usually brimming with excitement planning my garden and our Easter celebration. However, despite all the anticipation that the change of seasons brings, I always have a heavy heart when I think of traditional Easter celebrations. More than any other holiday, I think that it is typically the most problematic when it comes to environmental impact. For one brief moment every year, lawns are littered with plastic eggs, and candy is nestled into baskets overflowing with shreds of green plastic. My first Easter blog post offered numerous ideas for dying eggs naturally, filling baskets and many DIY ideas. This time, I wanted to focus strictly on handmade gift ideas. I am always inclined to gift a few quality, heirloom items over disposable ones. I am passionate about supporting artisans and crafters, and I think any of these offerings from these talented artists would make exceptional Easter gifts.

From handmade, small batch chocolate to baskets, these essentials support small businesses and keep plastic out of the environment. Hide small treasures in hand painted wooden eggs, or line your basket with a gorgeous grass green playsilk instead of traditional plastic "grass."  

Top Row: Solid Wooden Eggs by Sunny Sprout; Handmade Baskets by Cole Mama Creations
Middle Row: Grass Green Playsilk by Beneath the Rowan Tree; Personalized Easter Bags by Bigoudibigouda 
Bottom Row: Floppy Earred Chocolate Bunny by Laughing Moon Chocolates; Hollow Wooden Eggs by Simple Gifts Toys

Looking for one special gift to celebrate the start of spring? This barn by Hearthside Toys is just the thing, with plenty of space for all of your child's farm animals. It has roomy, open access from all sides to make it easy for more than one child to play at the same time. As with all of Hearthside Toys buildings, it assembles to a sturdy structure without tools and slips apart to store in a flat pile when not in use.

What child wouldn't love these adorable, handcrafted treasures?  Perfect to nestle into your basket!

Top Row: Easter Bunny Ball by Beneath the Rowan Tree; Felt Goat by Hollys Meadow; Easter Egg Toy by Beneath the Rowan Tree
Bottom Row: Hens and Rooster, Woodland Creatures and Ducklings by Eve's Little Earthlings

Spark your child's imagination with these delightful spring-themed wooden creations.

Top Row: Hiding Easter Rabbit by Brin D'Bois; Bees and Hive by Two Raccoon Hollow
Middle Row: Woodland Creatures by You're Inspired; Woodland Creatures by Two Raccoon Hollow
Bottom Row: Butterfly and Duck Pond by Two Raccoon Hollow

Things don't get much cuter than these cuddly handmade lovies! Another special gift for the child in your life.

Left to Right: Heavy Bunny Baby by Mimi's Designs; Organic Sheep by Pingvini; Baby Snail by Calinette; Felt Easter Bunny by Jenn Sews Felt

I can't think of anything more springlike than being outside. These handmade toys will inspire children get outdoors and enjoy the spring!

Top Row: These Bird ID Rings and many more wonderful springtime goodies can be found at Tanglewood Hollow; Wooden Slingshot with Felt Balls by From Jennifer
Bottom Row: Wooden Bow and Arrow Set by From Jennifer; Bird Whistle by Sue Canizares Ceramics

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  1. This is a great collection, thank you for sharing! i'm off to go stalk etsy pages now. :) i'm loving the wooden bees and hive. <3


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