Monday, November 18, 2013

More Gift Ideas and Recommended Retailers from The Mindful Home

I have compiled some previous posts with a few more gift ideas and ways to support smaller businesses this holiday season.  Everyone always compliments my shopping bags, and they were a Christmas present that I requested many years ago.  If some kind relative is asking for ideas for gifts, perhaps consider things you've seen here and always wanted to try, like Abeego or those stainless steel airtight storage containers.  For more gift ideas for babies and kids, check out the tabs for other posts above. I have also compiled a list a great retailers below.
Shopping Bags
Prepara Glass
Oil Mister
LooHoo Wool
Dryer Balls
Food Storage
Eco Friendly
Lunch Supplies
Onyx Stainless
Steel Products
Eco Friendly
Pet Supplies

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